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Understanding The Numbers November 14, 2012

Posted by brownsweaters in poetry.

After most posts I place a number.  The most recent had this:  0017110812

Here’s what it means.  A part of it is the day I did the post.  Since it was posted on November 8th, the 110812 is obvious.  Sometimes the date is the first 6 digits, sometime the last 6.  Either way, it’s usually obvious.  The other 4 numbers  – the 0017 – are numbers I sequentially assign to my poetry.  I am currently on poem number 3497.  That means the poem I posted on the 8th was written a LONG time ago, or 3480 poems ago.  I do this so I can keep track of when (and if)  I posted a poem.  So nothing cryptic, just an attempt at organization (I don’t always remember).  Thanks for reading.



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